Uniform emergency service signage

Uniform emergency service signage. The requirements of §§ 85-1 through 85-8 shall remain in full force and effect; however, the requirement to place house numbers on posts within 75 feet of the main roadway shall no longer be required. Further, it is required that each property owner comply with the following uniform emergency service signage regulations for the purpose of public health, safety and welfare.

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Burning Ordinance




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Congratulations to the Town of Oconomowoc!

The Town was just recently ranked #1 as the safest place to live in Wisconsin. Please click on the picture below for the article in the Lake Country Reporter or visit www.safewise.com

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It's that time of year again: Leaf burning season is coming. Please click on the fire to check out the Town's ordinance before burning.

The following open burning shall be permitted without authorization from the Fire Chief:
(a) Outdoor cooking.
(b) Campfires. The size of the pile of material to be burned in the campfire shall not exceed two feet by two feet by two feet high.
(c) Training for fire departments.