Important information to know about Hunting on Waukesha County Land Motorized vehicle use prohibited on County land. 

  • Hunting permitted in designated areas only. 
  • Bag limits, daily hours, licenses or other regulations are in accordance with those rules and regulations established by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 
  • Be aware that possession, use and discharge of bows and firearms are subject to local municipal regulations (Please read below). 
  • Permanent blinds and stands are not permitted. 
  • All stands and blinds must be removed at the close of each day. 
  • The damaging of trees or removal of vegetation is prohibited. 
  • Target practice or shooting not associated with the actual harvest of licensed game is prohibited. 
  • Baiting is prohibited. 
  • Please leave property as you found it, clean up any garbage and take out anything you brought in.

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Ashippun River Greenway

Site A: Town of Oconomowoc  
Sections 9 &16

Site B: Town of Oconomowoc  
Section 12 - Archery Only

§ 215-2 Discharge of firearms
A. Declaration of policy. It is hereby determined and declared necessary in the interest of the public health, safety and welfare of the Town that the discharge of firearms be regulated within the Town. 
B. Definitions. As used in this section, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated: 
A rifle of any caliber, air rifle, shotgun of any gauge, pistol or revolver of any caliber.
Any subdivision of land within the Town laid out and established in accordance with the provisions of Ch. 236, Wis. Stats., and existing ordinances of the Town relating to land divisions. Editor's Note: See Ch. 265,
Subdivision of Land. 
C. Prohibited use of firearms. No person shall discharge any firearm within the following listed congested areas or within 100 yards thereof:
[Amended 4-15-2002]
(1) The unincorporated Villages of Okauchee, Monterey and Mapleton. 
(2) In any recorded subdivision in the Town of Oconomowoc or within 100 yards thereof. 
(3) Within 100 yards of any building in the Town.
(4) In the following sections of the Town: 
(a) The south 1/2 of Sections 23 and 24, and in Sections 25, 26, 35 and 36 of the Town. It is intended to prohibit the
discharge of firearms south of County Trunk Highway "K," east of County Trunk Highway "P," north of the boundary between the Village of Oconomowoc Lake and the Town of Oconomowoc, within the above sections, and
west of the Town of Oconomowoc/Town of Merton Town line. 
(b) That part of Section 30 lying north of Marks Road, east of the Village of Lac La Belle/Town of Oconomowoc boundary, and southwest of Lac La Belle. 
(c) The east 1/2 of Section 29 of the Town lying south of Lac La Belle Drive, west of State Trunk Highway 67, and east of Lac La Belle. 
D. Rifle prohibition. No person shall discharge nor cause the discharge of any rifle, firearm, whether pistol or shoulder stock, within the territorial limits of the Town. A rifle firearm shall be construed as any firearm having a grooved barrel and upon discharge projecting a solid missile or slug. 
E. Exceptions. Unless otherwise indicated, the prohibitions of this section shall not pertain to: 
(1) Law officers designated and authorized by the Town, county, state and federal authority. 
(2) Activities upon any bona fide target range, provided that the Town Board must first issue, upon written application and within its discretionary power, a permit labeling such areas as an approved target range. 
(3) Rodent control activities, provided that Town Board permission, within its discretion, be procured upon written application prior to such activities; such permission, if granted, to be of a temporary nature only. 
(4) The owner or occupant of any land within the territorial limits of the Town, and any member of his family of at least 14 years of age, may thereon, at any time, discharge shotguns, providing the projection of shot is not above or into another's land or traveled roadway. 

(5) The owner or occupant of any land, not listed in Subsection C above but in the territorial limits of the Town, and any member of his family at least 14 years of age, may thereon, at any time, discharge firearms or pellet air guns, provided the projection of shot or missile from the discharged firearm or pellet air gun is not above or into another's land or traveled roadway. 
F. Parental responsibility. If a minor shall violate this section, his parent or guardian may be held responsible for such
violation in the same manner as if such parent or guardian had violated the same, and ignorance of such violation shall not be a defense. Prosecution of such parent or guardian shall not be a bar to prosecution of such minor.