Vacation House Checks / Extra Patrol

The Town of Oconomowoc Police Department is glad to provide extra patrol or house checks for any town resident. Our officers will make daily checks of your home while you’re away on vacation or business. Please fill out the form below. Please include the following: date leaving, date returning, vehicles left at residence, if anyone will be on premises at anytime, and how can we contact you in case of an emergency. Please feel free to provide any additional information as well. 

Neighborhood Concerns

If your neighborhood has been experiencing any recurring problems or suspicious activity that you may want to report please let us know.  Please provide sufficient information to describe the situation (including a specific address), when the situation is occurring, how long it has been occurring, and who may be involved.  Please indicate whether the Police Department have been previously notified about this situation.

It is not required for you to provide your name, address or telephone number. However, if you desire a personal reply to your report, or you want someone from the Police Department to contact you to discuss the situation, you must provide either an email address or telephone number.

Please Fill out the following form fields below.

**Please note this is for the Town of Oconomowoc Police Department only**